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12/?? Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons Premiere in Africa
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September 19, 2014 •
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Watch a preview of Kim Kardashian West’s episode of American Dad!, airing this Sunday, September 21 at 9:30 ET/PT on FOX.

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September 16, 2014 •
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“When your fame overshadows much of what you do it’s no surprise your sartorial choices will be the subject of much scrutiny. Such is the case for Kim Kardashian West whose wardrobe has undergone something of a well-documented evolution since her union with rapper Kanye West. Currently a fan (and personal friend) of Givenchy, Alaia and Balmain, her subtler choices in outfit can be overlooked. During a recent visit to Sydney, Kardashian West sat down with Vogue and confirmed she’s just as much a fan of the internationals as she is our local exports.

“I love the swimwear line N.L.P,” she says. “I think it’s just really fun and I love the neoprene,” going on to explain she loves a whole list of Australian designers. “I’ve worn Josh Goot pieces, Sass and Bide is always fun. There are so many that I really love.”

Previously she’s also worn Camilla and Marc, Willow, a Johanna Johnson gown to a dinner at the White House and recently Australian couturiers Ralph & Russo.

Kardashian West is not the only fan of Australian designers in her family. Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently wore Camilla and Marc and Bec and Bridge on a trip to New York. Kylie has also been seen in Alex Perry and Sass and Bide to attend red carpet events and Kendall opted for a Johanna Johnson dress for Kim’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

While we didn’t spot Kardashian West in Australian designers for her recent visit we’re sure she will have returned home with some generous wardrobe suggestions from designers.”

Source: VOGUE Australia

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September 15, 2014 •
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“It’s not every day that you step into a room with someone who has a net worth of $45 million. Last time I checked, my life is worth less than a microwave pizza – which might explain the unusually bouncy butterflies in my stomach on this Friday afternoon. I’m on my way to interview Kim Kardashian West. It’s a strange mix of anxiety and adrenaline: A lethal cocktail that can see you rise to the occasion, or crumble like the Roman empire.They say that life is defined by moments. Moments like the very first time you open a Kinder Surprise, or when your barista gives you a chocolate freckle with your cappucino. This interview is at least 17 moments crammed into one. In the morning, I ponder my outfit choices from an extensive collection of train station chic garments. Should I opt for a Fubu jersey, or are the classic European vibes of a Fila tracksuit more appropriate? In the end, I throw on an Iron Maiden longsleeve and Air Huaraches, hoping that Kimmy K appreciates British heavy metal and my monochromatic swag.

As I approach the Park Hyatt hotel, fans are already gathering outside the building, hoping to catch a glimpse of the star. I enter the opulent establishment, and take a moment in front of the bathroom mirror to collect my thoughts. A smooth jazz soundtrack plays in the background, which confirms my suspicions that this hotel is for people with way more money than myself. I quickly fix my unkempt hair, which is currently in the process of growing out so that I can acquire cornrows. I curse my balding Asian scalp that I can’t look like Asia’s answer to Sean Paul for this momentous occasion. Soon after, I am handed a laminated lanyard which gains me entry to the media room. I love lanyards. I am escorted through various checkpoints and into a private suite for the interview. A wall littered with the Kardashian Kollection logo stands on my right. Directly ahead of me is a generous plate of gold macaroons, which look to have been carefully crafted by the pastry gods. Behind that plate sits a pile of celery sticks. I love celery sticks.

I take a seat, and minutes later, it’s showtime. Kim Kardashian West glides effortlessly into the room. Her flawless skin, alluring hazel eyes and trademark curvaceous figure are all amplified in real life. She extends a friendly handshake, and despite her soft-spoken nature, she exudes a confident, radiating aura.

She takes a seat, and I am now face to face with Kim Kardashian West: A 33-year-old woman with numerous lucrative franchises, an impeccable personal brand and a staggering social media presence. In many ways, she is the quintessential modern celebrity. Today, we are here to talk about the Spring range of the Kardashian Kollection, her ever-expanding fashion label that she describes as “a brand for our fans” modelled by “regular fit girls with curves.”

“We get so much input from them. Kourtney, Khloe & I all have different style, but we’re all glamour girls. We love to dress up. We really do get inspiration from social media, from all over the place, and I think that comes across,” she says. Aside from fans, Kim also notes that the range reflects the changing styles and personalities of herself and her sisters. “Our line has evolved with us. We started off really glitzy, a little bit more wild – everything was leopard. This collection is a little bit more simple, but textured with mesh, lace and fishnet material,” she says. She also takes time to explain her love of trenchcoats, even hoping to make “a long coat, or maybe a thinner wool cape” for the Kollection.

Of course, conversation about Kim’s fashion line often includes mention of her marriage to Kanye West. Outside of rap, he’s been a consistent force within menswear, streetwear and sportswear circles – whether it’s his famed shutter shades of yesteryear, or his recent claiming of the leather jogger. Kim says that in the wake of her meeting West, “I like to think that I dress better now than I did before.” However, she also says that he’s influenced her approach to aesthetic and life generally. “Just being around him, there’s so much in the room, loud things visually – He can’t stand that. It’s all really calming, and it’s been really calming for me. I live my life a little more simple, like he does,” she says. With regards to motherhood, she has one simple wish when it comes to North West. “I just hope that we’re best friends,” she says.

Being a huge fan of visors, I must get Kim’s thoughts on the forever underrated headwear item. I ask whether she sees a visor renaissance in the near future, and I’m praying that she has grand plans for visor enthusiasts around the globe. “I don’t know, I used to wear them back in the day when I would play tennis. I would die to get a Gucci visor, it was my thing,” she says. My heart stops at the mention of Gucci visors. “I have one,” I say. “I had three,” she replies. “I should have kept them.”

With Kim’s visit feeling all too brief, I’m hoping that a spin-off series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Sydney is possible – much like her and sister Kourtney have done in Miami and New York. “It would be really fun to do that, Kourtney’s never been here. I was trying to get her to come down, but it was too much with the babies, and she’s pregnant… I would love to. I can’t promise it, but it would be cool,” she says.

We share a final handshake, pose for a quick photo, and are promptly whisked out of the media room. Stepping outside the Park Hyatt, everything still seems surreal. I head straight to the Kanye West gig nearby, where Kim would later make an appearance. As the crowd heaves forward during ‘Blood On The Leaves’, I stand back and sip on a bourbon beverage, pondering quietly about how I am going to work a Gucci visor and a ‘Kardashian Kape’ into my winter wardrobe.”

Source: Christopher Kevin Au for Pages Digital

September 15, 2014 •
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Click on the image above to watch Kim’s interview with The Today Show’s Tim Dormer.

She’s a social media queen, an established fashion designer and a dedicated mother.

Kim Kardashian West is currently in Australia promoting her Kardashian Kollection, but still had time to catch up with Today’s Tim Dormer.

On the new Kardashian Kollection designs, Kim says “This collections a little sportier,”

“I think it really reperesnts my sisters and I so far the best, we get more and more comfortbale each season we’re designing,”

Check out what she had to say about her love for Australian fashion and style tips from Kanye above.

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September 15, 2014 •
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September 14, 2014 •
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Kim Kardashian West talked to Fitzy & Wippa for their NOVA FM Sydney 96.9 breakfast show during the Kardashian Kollection Spring 2015 Press Day in Sydney, Australia earlier this week (September 12). Watch the interview above.

September 14, 2014 •
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September 14, 2014 •
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September 12, 2014 •
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“Yesterday I found myself in a bathroom at the Park Hyatt hotel being advised by Kim Kardashian West on how to take the perfect selfie. “I think you’re supposed to turn the camera around,” she said, tapping my iPhone camera button. I’m clearly not good at this. If anyone can nail the perfect selfie, it’s Kardashian West. Next year she will release a book dedicated to self-photography, called Selfish. The 33-year-old is going to include the now-famous white swimsuit selfie taken after the birth of her daughter North last year. “I think you just have to know your own angles,” she said. “And everyone takes, like, 20 pictures before they get the right one that they actually use. I did, like, 15 pictures before I posted that one and in the book I’m putting in all the ones that didn’t make it just to show that girls take tonnes of pictures before they actually post one.”

The petite star was poured into a black dress from The Kardashian Kollection’s new spring range and strappy black heels for our interview. Her makeup and hair was immaculate and she was calm and quiet. “I’m getting a cold,” she revealed. North was in another room and, according to her mum, a little upset she had to leave her. “I went up for a lunch break and she was crying when I came down and it was really hard,” she said. The US TV personality said it was great to be travelling with her husband Kanye, who yesterday took a shopping trip to the CBD ahead of his concert last night.

For a woman famous for, well, being famous, Kim Kardashian has her critics. And while her rise to infamy came from her role in a reality TV show, her bank balance can attest there is more to this US star than just what you see on camera and the gossip magazines. This year has been huge for Kardashian West, who wed rapper Kanye West and launched an app game that is set to make her about $80 million in its first year. This week she added an update on the game to incorporate Sydney, no doubt gaining a few more local players while she is here. Add this to her global fashion line Kardashian Kollection, perfumes and clothing stores and it’s hard to deny the mum-of-one is a very successful female entrepreneur.

Today the star will greet thousands of screaming fans at Westfield Parramatta, iPhones poised in the hope of snapping the megastar in their local shopping haunt. The lucky ones may even get a selfie with the social media expert. Hopefully they know their best angles.

Kim’s guide to perfect Selfies:

• Know your best angles
• Lighting is key, make sure it is soft, flattering and front-on
• Shoot in front of good backgrounds or make sure it’s blurred out
• Take multiple images to get the best angle. Kim sometimes takes 15-20″

Source: Sydney Confidential’s Elle Halliwell for The Daily Telegraph‘s Sunday Style

Don’t forget to pick up Kim Kardashian West’s Sunday Style cover issue in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph (Australia.)