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Episode 2: What's That Racquet?
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Description: After Kourtney admonishes Scott for breaking the boundaries they've set for their relationship, Scott makes attempts to clean up his act and get back in her good graces. Meanwhile, Khloé tries to get Scott on a healthy track with tennis, but her good deed backfires when Kourtney accuses her of taking Scott's side.

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10/21 Kris Jenner's Book Signing at Bookends in New Jersey
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11/02 Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons Premiere in the US
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11/05 Kris' 59th Birthday
11/18 Kim Kardashian Fleur Fatale VIP Launch Event at Spice Market in Melbourne, Australia
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12/14 Mason's 5th Birthday
12/?? Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons Premiere in Africa
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“I am with someone who makes me feel sexy and confident everyday, and we have our daughter, who is so sweet and precious,” Kim said in an exclusive interview with News Limited.

“North has really taught me to appreciate and recognise the important things in life like spending time with family, making memories while I watch her grow,” she said. “Being a mother is such a gift and North has filled my heart with joy. Family is more important than anything. Learn to enjoy every second with those you love.”

Kim’s comments come as she prepares to venture Down Under to launch a new signature fragrance, Fleur Fatale. The visit follows a recent juggernaut by Kim and Kanye, known popularly as power couple Kimye and North, for rap superstar West’s Australian Yeezus tour. Most touring super-celebrities keep it low key by day, and save all the action for the stage at night. Not Kimye. They were hi-vis all day, everyday; from a visit to a pop-up store and KFC during a thunderstorm in Melbourne, to a shopping mall expedition and taxi ride in Sydney.

Indeed, Kardashian refuses to be a slave to her celebrity, and has vowed to live her life without fear.

“I think that it’s really important to live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it,” she said. “Ever since I had North, I realise how precious every moment is and I want to make lasting memories with my family. Being a slave to celebrity just isn’t an option. Our priority is always North’s safety and happiness. And we do all we can to make sure she has the best childhood possible.”

A regular visitor to these shores, Kim adds: “I love coming to Australia. It’s such a beautiful place, so much to see and experience. Everyone is always so nice. It’s such a chill, laid back way of life. I love it.”

She married West in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy, in May this year, after dating for two years. North was born in June last year.

Asked what she has learned about love, Kim told News Limited: “Privacy is key. I live my life in front of the world and it has offered amazing opportunities to my family and me. But along with all the media attention, often comes stress and hardships on the people that I love. Through the ups and downs, I have learned some things are better kept private; that way it stays special and intimate.”

Kardashian, 34, a reality television star, actor, fashion designer, model, hope her highs and lows — played out for all the world to see — serve as lessons for all women.

“I think everyone has their own obstacles to face in their lives, but I always encourage women to work hard and strive for success. I hope I inspire women to put their best foot forward. Self confidence is so important — women need to believe in themselves, their abilities and knowledge. When this is paired with strong drive and hard work, it can take you a long way.”

Kardashian says sexy independence is at the heart of her new perfume, Fleur Fatale. She adds: “I hope my fragrances empower the women who wear them … and they feel beautiful, confident and inspired.”

Kardashian will launch the perfume with a two-day visit to Melbourne only on November 18 and 19.

Source: news.com.au

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Like walking along the Grand Canal in Venice or viewing Sydney Opera House for the first time, seeing Kim Kardashian West in real life is surprisingly unsurprising since she looks exactly as you would expect her to from the hundreds, or more likely thousands, of pictures you’ve seen of her. Groomed and glossy, curvaceous but toned, and with the facial proportions of a very beautiful Bratz doll, she is unarguably one of the world’s most recognisable women.

It’s clear from the selfies that she tirelessly snaps for her social media channels – which have prompted her to create a 350-plus-page book on the subject, with pictures from the past decade – that she knows her best features. Drawing on her indisputable but unusual beauty and her gravity-defying womanly shape, she and her sisters – Kourtney and Khloe – launched a clothing line, Kardashian Kollection, now in its fifth collection in the UK, with Lipsy. So has she already enlisted her designer friends – from Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy to Olivier Rousteing of Balmain – to advise her on the range?

“I’ve never asked them,” she shook her head, “not yet anyway. The three of us [sisters] have worked really hard on it and I think that the great thing about the differences between us is that our shapes come in useful for designing. Khloe is really tall, obviously, and Kourtney is petite, so I think that if we can make something that suits all three of us, it will look great on anyone.”

Anyone is probably a slight stretch, since – height differences notwithstanding – the trio have something very much in common, and that’s curves. Filling the dresses and jumpsuits – as well as the girls’ first coat for the line – will be more of a challenge to most than it is to the Kardashians, but there are certainly successful brands with a much narrower idea of the girl they dress. Kardashian West’s wide-ranging appeal has seen her become, as GQ editor Dylan Jones said at the magazine’s awards earlier this year, “Coca-Cola famous” – and marrying one of the world’s most famous singers and producers has cemented that status still further.

Talking to her, it’s easy to forget who she is. If you block out the 10 PRs, publicists, photographers and minders in the room eyeing you suspiciously, she could almost (almost) be someone you know. The reality show – Keeping Up with the Kardashians, now on its tenth season – has contributed to this, of course, making her more accessible than most actresses, singers and models will ever be, even with Instagram access. The other element that magnifies her humanity is her role as a mother, something that she lights up and opens up about quite freely.

“My daughter is here, upstairs,” she gestured to a Claridge’s suite above the one we were chatting in. “We’re all a bit jet-lagged,” she smiled, adding that 16-month-old North was very good on the flight to London despite her tender years. The family travelled from LA the day before we met after Kim convinced her husband, Kanye West, to stop over with her and North – before they all travelled to Australia together – by assuring him that it was “half way”. Her smile indicated that she knew it was nothing of the kind, as did West probably, but the threesome quite obviously just want to be together as much as possible.

And with that – clad in her own label, of course – she was off Down Under: nervous about the flight with a young child, she admitted, as anyone would be. Celebrity, entrepreneur, and normal working mum. Sort of.

The Kardashian Kollection at Lipsy is available from Lipsy stores and online at www.lipsy.co.uk from Wednesday 29 October 2014.

Source: vogue.co.uk

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The scene: an anteroom of an anteroom of an anteroom in Claridge’s. Women with fake-tanned legs sit stabbing at iPhones. To the left, a rail of clothes. To the right, a plate of biscuits and the obligatory still and sparkling water, evil portents of the press-junket world that indicate we may all be here for some time.

‘How long have you got with her?’ one of the other journalists asks me.

‘Um, just half an hour,’ I say.

‘Half an hour? How did you wangle that? I only have ten minutes.’

My name is called. I leave the anteroom feeling blessed.

It may feel as though she is as omnipresent as your own fingers, but Kim Kardashian West’s status as the ultimate famous-for-being-famous female was only cemented this year, according to Forbes, which placed her at number 80 in its annual Celebrity 100 list, above Gwyneth Paltrow, JK Rowling and Meryl Streep. While her initial fame was sparked by 2007’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians (for those unfamiliar, it’s a reality TV show that starred the extended Kardashian Klan including Kim, her brother Rob, her sisters Kourtney and Khloé, her half-sisters Kendall and Kylie, her mother Kris Jenner and her stepfather Bruce, who presumably drew the line at changing his name to Kruce), the bulk of her earnings now comes from public appearances and endorsements. The family fashion empire made upwards of £375 million in 2013.

With 24.4 million followers on Twitter and millions in the bank, I am surprised that Kim Kardashian West’s entourage is such a small one. Only three superfluous people are present in the suite. I am presented to Kim, who is fussing with her iPhone. I half-expect her never to look up, or to spend the whole 30 minutes taking selfies while simultaneously having a manicure. But no: the 34-year-old is the quintessence of professional politesse. There is warmth, humour, engagement and even eye contact.

‘Would you like a drink?’ asks one of the entourage. I ask for a Diet Coke.

‘Would you like a straw?’

‘What, like a toddler?’ I want to say. I have entered a realm where women drink through straws so they don’t screw up their lipstick.

Kim’s water (with straw) is on a small table, and her lips are all the pinker and glossier for it. She is one of those rare celebrities who manages to look exactly the same in the flesh as she does in every other medium, be it print, Instagram or TV. She is as flawless as the best selfie, her neat body poured just so into a skintight black dress. As the dress is the reason we are here — she and her sisters have lent the Kardashian name to a collaboration with Lipsy — my questions, which have been pre-approved, have a fashion focus. Which is a shame, as I wanted to talk to her about Islamic State.

What is the inspiration behind your collection, I ask earnestly. ‘I love finding it from social media,’ says Kim, equally earnest. ‘It’s given your average person and blogger such a voice to express themselves. So I love looking through people’s Instagrams and seeing what everyone’s wearing.’

Can you remember the first fashion item you bought with your first pay cheque? ‘I would buy pencil skirts — I was obsessed with pencil skirts. I still am.’ Do you ever remember saving up for one special thing? ‘I saved up for this Dolce & Gabbana dress I really wanted, or like in high school these Prada shoes that my parents wouldn’t buy me. And I remember they were $400, and I had to save for the entire year to get them.’

I express surprise that her parents didn’t just buy them for her. While my knowledge of the inner workings of the Kardashian Klan is hazy, I do know they are rich. Rich is what defines them. ‘No, we didn’t get anything,’ Kim says firmly. ‘We had to get a job if we wanted it. So I was working in a clothing store and I would save and save.’

Will she instil the same fierce work ethic in her daughter North? ‘I will. I was saying that earlier to my friends: “I wonder what her first job is gonna be.” And they were like, “What? She’s gonna have a job?” and I was like, “Are you kidding me? Of course she is!” She will have to work for what she wants.’

Some might say North is already working — at least for what her parents want: fame. The 16-month-old has already modelled in fashion shoots for Vogue and CR Fashion Book, the influential glossy presided over by Carine Roitfeld. North also holds the distinction of being fashion’s youngest front-row veteran, not counting those foetuses in utero who have no choice but to endure the broiling conditions and pumping music. Although arguably, North’s fate is worse than theirs: she also has to dress the part. In Paris earlier this month, this involved wearing a leather biker jacket and matching leather drainpipes. It can only be a matter of time before North West is interning at American Vogue, dressed in a miniature Prada skirt and Céline sneakers. What does Kim think she’ll end up doing? ‘I don’t know. She loves fashion. Maybe she’ll be a designer. Who knows? It’s too early to tell.’

In the spirit of the constructed reality genre that has made Keeping Up With the Kardashians so popular that it allowed Kim to bank a cool £17.5m last year, I tell her that I, too, have a child and ask whether she has any tips on getting baby Hampstead to sleep.

‘How old is he?’ asks Kim.

In my head, Hampstead was definitely a girl, but I go with it. ‘He’s one and a half,’ I say.

‘Give him a bottle at night with some cereal in it. I put in the milk, and then the rice cereal, and then you have to cut the nipple a little bit more to let it pass through, and it fills North’s tummy and she’ll pass out. And the room has to be really dark. There are some nights that are longer than others, putting them down.’ She sighs empathetically. ‘It is tough.’

The widely reported story that she left North behind in a Paris hotel notwithstanding, Kim sounds like a hands-on mum. But what of baby daddy, rapper Kanye West? ‘The best is when Kanye’s recording in the home and we’re in Mexico or wherever. And the music will be upstairs and she’ll hear it, and it’s really loud and you’d think it would disturb her, but I just kind of rock her to it, and she’ll just pass out.’ I feel sure ‘RECORD A REALLY LOUD AND SWEARY ALBUM’ will soon be trending as a sleep tip on Mumsnet. I want to ask her whether Kanye ever shames her; whether she has forgiven him for tweeting, ‘I have to dress Kim every day so she doesn’t embarrass me’; or for saying, ‘I am God’s vessel,’ but instead I ask her about the last item of clothing she bought for him. She frowns, or tries to. ‘I typically don’t buy him clothes. I can buy other things but clothes are really hard. He likes to dress so simple — you know, he has his favourite jeans… he wears the same thing over and over.’

Men are like that, I say, wondering on what planet the slashed, pec-exposing shirt Kanye wore to the Lanvin show in Paris last month could ever be called simple. ‘Yeah, so it’s hard to find something that he would really like, that would look good on him.’

The Wests love London, especially Selfridges and Dover Street Market. ‘Oh my gosh, I love London. When Kanye and I first started dating we spent time here in London. I love it here. We love going to Hakkasan and getting ribs every time we come. We went last night.’

Sometimes you just need a rib, I say.

‘Or four plates of them.’

After failed marriages to record producer Damon Thomas and athlete Kris Humphries (as well as rumoured flings with the singer John Mayer and the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo), it was her union with Kanye West that saw Kim’s profile soar even higher. Everyone loves a celebrity double act, especially one as brazenly shameless as Kimye. Not surprisingly, it was Kanye’s idea to have their £10m wedding in Versailles. ‘Kanye comes up with every idea that is so… I think far out of reach, but then he makes it happen. He was like, “We are going to go to Versailles, and we should have our wedding at the Louvre,” and then I was like, “What?” and then there’s obviously music restraints and constrictions at a lot of places like the Louvre. And then maybe four weeks before the wedding, I thought we were set and done and he said, “Let’s move it to Florence,” and I was like, “What?” and he was like, “And let’s not tell anyone so that we can surprise everyone the night before and have everyone go to Paris and then we’ll fly everyone to Florence.” And I was like, “Are you crazy? This is never gonna happen — we can’t move the wedding, how is that possible?” and he was like, “Babe, everything’s possible.” ’ She smiles fondly. ‘That’s my favourite quality of his. He literally thinks everything is possible, but the craziest thing is that it all happens.’

Just in time for Christmas, God’s vessel came up with another brainwave: that Kim should write a book on selfies. ‘Kanye came up with the concept and the name and everything,’ says Kim. ‘He introduced me to the book publisher. And I was like, “This is such a good idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.” But you know, I’ve been taking selfies for a long time — it’s like now [seen as] such a vain thing, but it really started off with me just having a camera around to capture memories. They’re selfies taken over a decade. It’s 352 pages and multiples on the page, so I turned in probably 2,000 selfies.’

I ask Kim for her tips for the perfect selfie. ‘Lighting is key. I think a lot of people take a lot of selfies before they actually post one. So in the book you’ll definitely see… like I posted this one selfie of myself in a white bathing suit, after I had the baby… it was kind of like from the back in the mirror… and I took about ten shots to get that one. So I’m going to put all ten in there.’

It will be really useful for people to see that process, I say solemnly. Is lighting the main thing? ‘No, I mean you do have to know how to pose. It’s always helpful if you do it in the bathroom where there’s a mirror. Then you can always see yourself in the mirror.’

The 30 minutes being over, it seems rude not to ask if I can have my picture taken with her.

‘Yeah, for sure!’ says Kim cheerily. ‘After I just stuffed my face with a scone and tea.’

Was it a nice scone, the Claridge’s scone?

‘It was OK. I could have passed on it. It didn’t really do much for me.’

Kim adjusts herself in her chair. ‘Do you want to stand or sit?’ I ask.

‘We can stand,’ she says.

‘Whatever you prefer,’ I say. We stand beside each other. Her assistant takes aim.

‘1-2-3 click!’ says Kim. ‘Will you put the flash off? Will you, like, delete whatever’s with the flash? The lighting in here sucks.’

‘Try again,’ I add, as if my opinion counts.

‘1-2-3 click!’ says Kim again. ‘Let’s see.’ Her assistant passes her the phone. ‘Take one more,’ says Kim.

‘I can filter it,’ I say desperately.

‘1-2-3 click!’ says Kim. She examines the phone once more. ‘That’s better. Cool! Cute!’

‘Let’s delete the other two, then,’ says her assistant. The first two pictures are summarily deleted from my phone. But it’s my phone, I want to cry.

I knew when I began the exercise that I would come off badly. Quite how badly I did not bargain for. The shiny face is to be expected — it is a hot day — as is the vastness of my body beside Kim’s. What is completely unfathom-able, though, is the greasy stain spread all over my T-shirt. In real life, my T-shirt is clean. ‘OMG you look amazing and I look like a great big blob,’ I wail.

‘No, you do not,’ scolds Kim. Then: ‘You know what I do when that happens? Not that you do. But when I feel like that about myself? Sometimes I crop it. Like if my arm looks big, I’ll just crop it like this and make out it was kind of just half of me in the photo.’

The sad thing is, I’ll probably try this.

Source: London Evening Standard

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One of the things I enjoy most about entertaining and cooking for my family is the joy I get from the table setting. You’d be surprised how very little effort can make a big difference in creating an amazing dining experience. Cooking for someone is such an expression of love, and so is the presentation. I know my family gets extremely excited when we celebrate a huge occasion or just get together for our Sunday dinners because they know how much love and energy I put into making it beautiful for them. I also love going to other people’s homes for dinner because I always get entertaining inspiration and creative ideas from my friends.

Almost as important as the food is the table setting. I believe that cooking for someone is one of the best things you can do. It’s a way of expressing how much you care about the people you love. I also believe that the table setting is an extension of that love. The amount of time you put into making sure things are beautiful, that your table makes a statement, or creates a mood, also says, “I love you!”

I am notorious for my table settings and my dishes. If I’m cooking an Italian meal, I will grab my red Hermès china to go with the red sauce (Fusilli with Tomato Basil Sauce).

I have five different kinds of Christmas dishes. I have nutcrackers, Santas, reindeer, and snowmen. If you can think of anything Christmas-y that can go on a table, I have it and have used it over the years.

I collect china and dishes. My children all know how obsessed I am with table settings and I’ve received several sets of Hermès dishes from my daughters. Table settings. Napkins and napkin rings. Baccarat crystal glasses and vases. Candles and candle holders. I’m obsessed with it all.

When I got married, nesting and creating this visual ambiance was so important to me. I somehow understood that it would be important to tying my family all together. And over the years, it has. My children—and our family and extended family and friends—have come to expect a certain look and feel when they come over to share a meal. It’s never “simple” or “normal.”

For Rob’s most recent birthday, I had a St. Patrick’s Day theme because it fell on St. Paddy’s Day. I had the table decorated with shamrocks and gold coins and green beads. It was over-the-top and tasteful at the same time. And he absolutely enjoyed it. Kim’s birthday always falls around Halloween. When she was little, I would have a Halloween theme with pumpkin baskets, candy, and a pumpkin-themed cake. I would go the whole nine yards. (Some of my favorite pumpkin recipes in this book are inspired by Kim and her birthday.)

For holidays I go all out. I will set the table for Thanksgiving four days in advance. It takes me that long to get it just right, layering the different decorations, adding and taking things away until I can stand back and say, “Yes, that’s it.”

Some people paint, others make music and dance, I make table settings. That’s my way of expressing my artistic and creative side.

And I love to see the smiles on the faces of my children and guests when they see what I’ve done. The key is to have fun with it. As long as it’s done in the spirit of love, you are sure to make it beautiful.

Pre-order ‘In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites’ on Amazon now!. Book release date: October 21, 2014

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Last night an ultra chic soirée was held in a penthouse suite at The Peninsula Hotel in Paris for Natalia Alaverdian‘s label A.W.A.K.E co-hosted by Miroslava Duma, Caroline de Maigret, Melvin Chua, and Kim Kardashian. The latter was a late arrival avec Kanye in tow, but momager Kris Jenner showed up before her daughter so we caught a moment with her to ask her how she’s feeling about Kendall Jenner, who’s been in Paris and Milan for the shows, and her booming modeling career. Plus, she sets the record straight about those rumors that Kendall was being bullied by fellow models backstage.

Who are you wearing?
I’m wearing a Saint Laurent dress and shoes and a Bottega Veneta bag.

What fashion item are you lusting after right now?
There’s a Dolce & Gabbana basket tote that they did about a decade ago and every time I’m on vacation or in Europe there isn’t a time that goes by that I don’t run into the store and ask them if they have that basket. This year on the runway at the fashion show that Kendall walked in one of the models was carrying one of those baskets and I was texting like crazy asking, “Who has that basket?!” So maybe they’ll bring it back.

When did you get to Paris?
We just got here yesterday so I’m trying to catch up with my jet lag. We went with Kendall to a fitting today with Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. She’ll be walking in the show. Then we just did a little shopping…at Balmain, actually.

How do you feel about Kendall’s modeling career taking off?
I’m just really proud of Kendall, because she’s worked really hard to try to get her sea legs and figure what this business is all about. I think she learned a couple of years ago how much work it is. She definitely has that work ethic gene and she’s not afraid to dig in and work hard. You know it’s not easy for these girls. That’s one thing I learned really fast when she got into this business. It’s a ton of work and you really have to be strong and committed and know what you’re doing. But Kendall’s with Society Agency in New York and we just let Chris Gay and his team totally take over and lead her career. You know this is not my wheel house, so I’ve really gotten quite an education and I have a new appreciation for this business, because these girls are troopers.

Even though your girls are on TV, was it hard to see your baby get into the modeling world?
The hardest thing for me was letting somebody else take the reins. But Chris really made a point of making me feel comfortable and he’s done a great job so I just let him do his thing. Kendall has wanted to do this her entire life. I’m glad she’s found something that she’s passionate about and she’s so happy and grateful to be here.

Is it true the other models have been mean to Kendall?
I would like to set the record straight and say it’s 150 percent not true. They have been so welcoming, especially at the Tommy Hilfiger show. At all of the shows, all of the girls have been so darling. It’s like a sorority. It’s really amazing and heartwarming the way they’ve welcomed her into their world and treated her like a sister. I was with a lot of the girls out in New York one night, because Donna Karan had a dinner and the girls were so amazing to her. I remember walking away from the dinner and I thought, “That’s remarkable.” Tommy Hilfiger and I were having a laugh, because we were talking about press and how ugly rumors get started and how they are complete lies and fabrications and that is one of them. His whole team really treated her like gold.

Source: fashionweekdaily.com

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